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Before ordering, please read these important notes,
and learn how to maximize your savings. Thanks!


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NOTE: The pre-publication discounts below are based on our savings on shipping and inventory costs from shipping directly from the printer to you.

Get even more savings by Inviting others to combine their order with yours.
We’ll count your orders together and discount each based on your combined total. (Does not apply to pre-orders of individual copies.)

To share a quantity discount with others:
• Note your order number when ordering one or more ten-packs, cases of 100, or quantities of 500.
• Invite your friends to put your order number in the notes field of their order within one week.
• We’ll give you both the price to which your combined quantity would normally apply.

Example: You order five ten-packs, and your friend enters your order number when he does the same. Because your combined order is over 100 prayer guides, you’ll each get a $25 refund.Example: You order a case of 100. Your friends enter your order number when ordering 10-packs. Because your combined quantity of prayer guides is over 100, they will be refunded $5 per 10-pack. If all your friends orders combine to more than 400 copies, you’ll also get $50 back.


• Reimbursements on shared orders will be issued after prayer guides ship.

• FREE shipping only applies to street addresses in the continental U.S.
For other kinds of addresses, we will contact you to work out details.

• Cases of 100 and quantities of 500 will ship in late September.
Ten-packs and individual copies will ship in early October.

• Subsidized copies and special arrangements are available.
  email with your request.
include a phone number where we can reach you.


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