Seven Stages of the CPM* Continuum

0 – CPM Team in context but no purposeful CPM plan or efforts yet

1Moving purposefully (G1) – Trying to consistently establish 1st generation of new believers & churches

1.1 Purposeful Field 1 and Field 2 activity but no results yet
(entry — looking for person of peace / houses of peace — and evangelism)
1.2 Have some new Gen1 believers
1.3 Have some new Gen1 believers and new groups
1.4 Have consistent new G1 believers
1.5 Have consistent new G1 believers and new groups
1.6 One or more new first generation churches
1.7 Several new G1 churches
1.8 G1 churches are starting new groups
1.9 Close to G2 churches (1+ G2 church)

2 – Focused (G2): Some 2nd generation churches (i.e. new believers/churches have started another generation)

3 – Breakthrough (G3): Consistent 2nd generation and some 3rd generation churches

4 – Emerging CPM (G4): Consistent 3rd generation churches and some 4th generation churches

—————————————ESTABLISHED CPM—————————————

5 – Church Planting Movement (CPM): consistent 4th generation and beyond churches in multiple streams

6 – Sustained CPM: Visionary, indigenous movement leadership with little/no need for outsiders. Has stood the test of time, with at least several hundred churches (Most stage 6 CPMs have 1000 or more churches)

7 – Multiplying CPMs: Initial CPM is now catalyzing other CPMs in other people groups or cities

NOTE: All generations counted are new believers and new groups/churches, not existing believers and churches. Existing believers/churches are labeled Gen 0. They are the baseline generation from which we are launching.


  • CPM stands for “Church Planting Movement”