Obedience-Oriented Discipleship/Spontaneous Multiplication (Patterson, etc.)

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All movements place greater emphasis on simple obedience to Jesus than on the accumulation of knowledge. Long before the development of Discovery Bible Study and Training for Trainers, George Patterson’s work in Honduras demonstrated the multiplying power of simply training new believers in simple obedience to Christ. Patterson’s emphasis on Obedience-Oriented Education shaped the Perspectives class lesson Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches.

The significant stream of movements flowing directly from Patterson’s teaching is still expanding on every continent. This emphasis on obedience is key to Stubborn Perseverance, and remains central to all streams of movements.


Church Multiplication Guide Revised: The Miracle of Church Reproduction by George Patterson and Dick Scoggins (2013)
Come Quickly Dawn by George Patterson (2012)
Start Churches Now by Galen Currah and Patrick O’Connor (2011) (Free PDF here.)
Reproducible Pastoral Training by Patrick O’Connor and George Patterson (2006)
Obedience-Oriented Education by George Patterson (1976, 2004)