Discovery Bible Study (DBS—Watson, etc.)

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DBS is a central component of reproducing disciples, as illustrated in Stubborn Perseverance. Rather than relying on trained leaders to interpret God’s Word for others, DBS relies on the Holy Spirit’s readiness to teach from His Word through group interaction. In discovery study the Holy Spirit guides each participant to discover insights relevant to them, bringing greater transformation. This leads believers toward hearing God’s voice and obeying all that Jesus commands them.

DBS is the primary focus of one of the main streams of movements today, and a core element in many other streams of movements.

Contagious Disciple-Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery by David and Paul Watson (2014)

The Father Glorified: True Stories of God’s Power Through Ordinary People by Patrick Robertson and David Watson (2013)

The Kingdom Unleashed: How Ordinary People Launch Disciple-Making Movements Around the World by Jerry Trousdale (2017)

Great Commission Disciple Making: Growing Disciples Rooted in God’s Word by James Lilly (2017)
Great Commission Disciple Making Workbook: Personal & Discovery Group Exercises by James Lilly (2017)