One fourth of the world’s population still live in Frontier People Groups that haven’t yet begun to receive the blessing God promised to them (Gen 12:3).

Well over 99% of the Church’s prayer, laborers and resources go to increasing God’s blessing among the 75% of the world population that lives among people groups where Christ is already known.

The 25% of the world living in Frontier People Groups receive far less than 1% of the Church’s prayers, laborers and resources.

You can help put an end to this great injustice, permanently!

We help busy believers engage meaningfully for just a few minutes each day
in bringing God’s multiplying blessing to a people group overlooked by past efforts,
enjoying eternal impact amidst a deepening relationship with God.

You can make a difference in praying and helping one overlooked people group experience God’s blessing. And together we can put an end to this great injustice.

Christ is calling His global body (including you)
to complete the fulfillment of His promise to Abraham—
to bless/disciple all the family lines (peoples) on earth.

With the Holy Spirit’s leading and empowering, you and your family (or group) can play a key role in blessing just one of the strategically large, neglected Frontier People Groups.

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